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Whereever you see holes you remember "Superfit'. We transfer plain looking sheets/metals into highly usable products.

'Superfit'is the most reliable source for many kind of perforated products which are directly or indirectly used by all sectors of industry like chemicals, petro chemicals, pharma, food processing, power, construction or even architectural and furniture.

Each hole speaks the same language in our products. The language of 'Total Quality'.
Perforated Sheets / Coils:
  • Standard dimensions perforated sheets / coils majorly in stainless steel are the major part of our productions.
  • Thickness ranging from 0.5mm to 3mm thick in standard sheet sizes of 4' x 8' or in coils of 1 mtr, 1.25 mtrs or 1.5mtrs are always available ex-stock
  • Standard hole pitch patterns are generally ex-stock
  • Non-standard hole pitch patterns can be developed as per demand in the shortest time
  • Smaller width coils (Perforated Strips) can be punched as per the required hole-pitch patterns, leaving margins as suggested by the customer.
  • Perforated Plates/ Heavy Perforations:
  • Plates over 3mm thick upto 10mm thick in SS and upto 12mm thick in MS can be punched.
  • Maximum width 2000mm x Maximum length upto 6000 mm possible. All kinds of holes viz: Round, Square, Capsule etc. can be punched. Same thickness x same hole dia. eg: 3mm thick x 3mm hole dia. upto 6mm thick x 6mm hole dia in SS can be punched.
  • Drilled Plates
  • Drilling can be done upto max. thickness of 100mm. Max. width upto 3000mm x max. length upto 8000mm
  • Very heavy thickness plates that can not be punched or some very odd combinations of perforated sheets / plates such as 4mm thickness with 2mm hole diameter which are impossible to punch are drilled. Proper method adopted for drilling and then deburring to achieve the best results.
  • Fine Holes
  • Applications demanding filtering of very fine products such as powders, fine materials, juices etc. can only use fine hole perforated sheets.
  • Holes ranging from 0.5mm diameter to 2mm hole diameter.